Between the Sexes and Reality: A Campaign to Raise Awareness About Intersex Persons / Conditions

We are launching a campaign to raise awareness about intersex people / conditions, with a special focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina, by presenting the results of research on the rights of intersex children in BiH healthcare system, which we ran from April to September 2020.

Who are intersex persons? What are the variations of sex characteristics? Is intersex a disorder? What are the differences and similarities with trans people and trans movement? What are the medical determinants of intersex? What is the legal and medical system in Bosnia and Herzegovina? What are the problems faced by intersex persons? How can we adequately support intersex people and be good allies?

Find out the answers to these questions through the online campaign we prepared in collaboration with designer Nađa Čengić, which you can view here.

Find out more about these issues in a forthcoming handbook, entitled: “Between Sexes and Reality: A Handbook for Medical and Healthcare Professionals on the Treatment of Intersex People”, which is a joint work of authors from BiH, Serbia and Croatia.

For more information about the campaign and the project, you can contact the programme coordinator, Delila Hasanbegović via email [email protected].

The development of these infographics and the creation of the campaign, through institutional support to Sarajevo Open Centre, was supported by Sweden through the development cooperation program.