ACTION – Let’s help Kriterion get a new look!

Since Merlinka has come to Sarajevo, Art cinema Kriterion opened its door to LGBTI and queer films, discussions, performances… By the end of each January for the last 6 years, our friends from Kriterion have contributed to creating fun and open space for LGBTI visitors that, at a certain point, has grown to (maybe it has been that since the beginning) a meeting point of the community with all the supporters and friends who like arts. Kriterion and its team has been with us even when that open space was disturbed by the hooligans’ attack during 2014.

And when Merlinka had finished, Kriterion would still have stayed open for LGBTI community. It has been one of the rare places in Sarajevo where it was never a problem for lesbian and gay persons to kiss, bring pets, drink coffee, come to concerts/plays of feminist bands in relaxed atmosphere, or make banners for protests. Kriterion has never been a gay club, but we did not need it as such. We needed exactly what it has given to us: a signal that it is ok to come there and be what we are among all other guests.

Today, Kriterion is entering some new phases, and gives birth to new ideas, projects, visions. One of the first changes will be – visual. In people’s phrases, Kriterion plans to recolour its walls. However, in order to be able to refresh its inner space and move to new work victories, they need our help.

Now is the time for the LGBTI community and our allies to give something back to the place that has given so much to them and whose team has showed solidarity when it matters the most. In order to do this together, Sarajevo Open Centre will offer some of its promo materials: posters, T-shirts, cups… for money that you can donate to Kriterion. It is up to you to determine the amount: give as much as you can for any piece of the promo materials, and we will forward the money to the Kriterion team.

The opportunity to do this good deed lasts until 22 June, and the money for these lovely promo materials you can change in the Sarajevo Open Centre office (Čekaluša 16), or you can write to mail [email protected] and we can arrange everything.