10 years of SOC: Sarajevo Open Centre Volunteers


They’ve been through thick and thin, from zodiac readings to existential crises!

They have a mentor (sometimes more than one), fixed working hours, and a desk. They quickly learn what SOC is all about, how to organise a workshop, a conference or lay out a publication. They participate in advocacy work, campaigns and selflessly help out when times get rough. They are incredible ambassadors of Sarajevo Open Centre!
We’re often pretty hard on them, but we believe we give them an excellent opportunity to work, learn and improve their skills. Our current and former volunteers reveal what it’s like to work with SOC’s team. Our brainstorming workshop brought out a fair share of laughs, as we dug out forgotten anecdotes as well moments that caused our hearts to swell with pride.

Here you can see the mind map made by Vanja Lazić, based on the conversations with our previous and current volunteers.