10 years of SOC: Activist Star Forecast


Horoscope –everyone reads is, but nobody believes it. As we were marking the 10 great activist years, we couldn’t resist to use the favourite entertainment format and look at the most important activist moments from the past as well as the future ones through the prism of 12 zodiac signs. Don’t take this activist horoscope too seriously, but remember all these important events and join us in the activities we implement in order to mark them. Our activist horoscope offers new moments, ideas and activities. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to read a positive horoscope? Take a look at our activist star forecast!


Written by: Nera Mešinović

Illustrations: Vanja Lazić


The Sarajevo Open Centre has organised queer film festival Merlinka in late January for several years in a row. Sun is mostly in Aquarius in that period, which is followed by Capricorn, the hardest worker in Zodiac. Thus we see that a great artistic and social event follows after hard work, with Aquarius-like progressive principles of equality and human rights. Also, planet Uranus, natural ruler of Aquarius is currently positioned in Aries until 2024, which means that activist efforts will be rewarded and encouraged by the fiery strength of Mars.

International women’s day

Women’s Day was marked for the first time in New York on 28 February 1909 under the rule of the constellation of fluid Pisces. The biggest potential of sensitive Pisces lies in the fact that they know no limits between self and others. Ocean is the metaphor for Pisces and this is exactly what we have seen on the streets of many world cities for more than a hundred years – women and men photographed from bird’s-eye perspective, who look like a big river, unrecognisable as individuals. Like many other people and organisations, the Sarajevo Open Centre participated in the protest march, joined in empathy and joint awareness raising of differences between experiences, which was followed by appropriate discussion within the programme entitled Somebody said ‘feminism.’

LGBTI Health Awareness Week and Trans* Visibility Day

In the first week of the new horoscope year, which coincides with the first day of Aries constellation rule, we talk about important topics. LGBTI Health Awareness Week lasts from 26 to 30 March. Aries rules the following parts of the body: head, brain, eyes, sinuses and ears. Allergies are frequent during this period, and they activate processes on the head, and we advise LGBTI persons, primarily Scorpio, Aries, Virgo and Cancer to be prepared. (P.S. If you need condoms, come to one of SOC’s get-togethers.)

Another important date is March 31st, the Trans* Visibility Day. The tradition of marking this day was introduced in 2009 and, not surprisingly – under the rule of Aries. Persons born with Sun in Aries always express their dissatisfaction and refuse to be silenced. In terms of activism, this is a priceless quality. Cycle of new battles and conquering of free spaces begin in the spring. Maybe this is not the best time for soundless coming out, but it certainly is the time for building and confirming one’s bodily and mental integrity. The Sarajevo Open Centre worked on the draft proposal for the law that would facilitate access to administration for trans* people who want to change personal documents.


During the IDAHOT-a – the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia – when the Sun is in Taurus (its natural ruler is Venus), planetary environment is the best for nightlife and enjoyment in DJing and VJing. Members of the LGBTI community with Sun in Taurus and Libra are especially recommended to pay attention to potential wooers in the signs of Aries, Gemini or Virgo.

Moreover, Earth is the second ruler of Taurus, and thus May is the best month to go out into the streets and protest. Nature flourishes, as well as the activist ideas in the minds of Capricorn and Sagittarius. Aquarius and Pisces imagine ideas and utter mantras asking for the events to go by without any incidents and with many creative conclusions. Cancer and Leo have taken care of the picnic, and Scorpio members write a liberating manifesto.

International conference It’s time for equality

Referendum for marital equality took place in Ireland in the Gemini sign on 22 May 2015. Gemini is a sign that created democracy, a researcher of all forms of communication, and therefore referenda are not unknown to it. Gemini energy is positive and progressive, and it is no surprise that the majority voted for marital equality in Ireland. It was a big deal for Ireland. And we had the chance to hear about this campaign at the international conference entitled It’s time for equality, which was organised by the Sarajevo Open Centre in February 2017. We learned from Craig Dwyer who participated in the YesEquality campaign for marital equality in Ireland that equality and progress can be achieved even in the more conservative societies, under the rule of the excellent communicologist Mercury. Also, for SOC members, this was an excellent period for strategic planning.

Socialising with the community

It’s time for summer and vacations. The Sun, which is entering the Cancer constellation, brings the feeling of relaxation and self-pampering with its intense rays. At that very point, SOC’s coordinator for work with the community, Nikola, as a representative of Cancer sign recognised that it was the time for barbecue, music and sun. As the Moon is the ruler of Cancer, conversations full of impressions and emotions continued late into the night, in privacy of SOC’s premises. Activist work was focused on the inside – getting over the burn out, and evaluation of the past period. It is great to know that there is peer to peer counselling or someone who will listen to your ideas. We therefore encourage everybody who has ideas or wants to talk to send an email to [email protected]. (Even in the funny horoscope, Cancer has to offer some service.)

The Pride

Late July and August were reserved for annual leaves of the Sarajevo Open Centre’s team. In the constellation of Leo, the vacation is certainly not a mere relaxation on the beach. Sun as the ruler of Leo brings us high temperatures and enormous quantity of energy for socialising. This is an excellent period for travel and meeting new people. Also, under this influence, it’s time to celebrate the hard work, and gay prides that take place throughout Europe at this time make an ideal opportunity.

10 years of existence of the Sarajevo Open Centre

On the tenth anniversary of the Sarajevo Open Centre – 30th of August – the Sun again falls in the constellation of Virgo. The Sun is the alert part of our personality, and when it falls under Virgo, we can be sure that all the work we commenced will be finished with great attention and studiousness. Virgo, ruled by Mercury (in this respect, Mercury rules the higher intellectual concepts, like a structure composed of parts where none of them is neglected), knows and recognises social mechanisms of oppression very well, and it is one of the rare Zodiac signs which commences extensive work, such as the one done by the Sarajevo Open Centre, with the vision of a more just society. In its higher domain, in Virgo, Mercury offers great patience and dedication to detail, and this explains the advocacy initiatives and efforts put in finding a way to work with the institutions. Thus, in late 2016, the Sarajevo Open Centre greatly influenced the adjustment of the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination Law of BiH, which is the first anti-discrimination law in countries of Southeast Europe which includes sex characteristics as prohibited grounds for discrimination.

Coming out

The constellation of Libra falls in the seventh house on the natal chart, which rules very personal relations, but unlike the rule of Sagittarius where the relations would be free to develop naturally, Libra rules relations that are regulated by social norms, such as marriages or employment contracts. Libra is ruled by Venus (in its higher form compared to the rule of the earth sign Taurus, in Libra, Venus becomes the principle of harmony, but the one which relies on abstract agreements). It is the scale that weighs patriarchy on the one side, and offers empty space on the other side for public speeches. This tells us that patriarchy prevails, and Libra doesn’t deny it. However, Libra also teaches us the lightness of movement, of speech, balance between physical and the spiritual, and sincere self-expression in the society. On 11th of October, the world marks the International Coming Out Day, and that is when the space opens for discussions, under the influence of extrovert and just Libra. More and more LGBTI persons seek balance between their feelings about who they are and the part of those feelings that they may present in the society. This was visible from results of the research of problems and needs of the LGBTI community in BiH, which was carried out by the Sarajevo Open Centre in 2017; publishing of the research is expected soon.

Activist jubilees

From late October until mid-November, many dates were dedicated to marking of activist jubilees. This period is ruled by the seemingly ill-omened and ill-natured Scorpio. Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto, a planet of deep spiritual and bodily transformation, is often of ill repute. When the Scorpio sign is mentioned in everyday discussions, everyone usually starts talking about how they are all lunatics and maniacs. Scorpio possesses powerful poison and people are often afraid of it. Pluto is an external planet, it moves very slowly and needs 20 years to cross a sign, but as it moves, it transforms things, mostly not in a good way. We live in the world which denies eternity and importance of emotional and intellectual processes. Scorpio, an arena which rules the cycles of birth and death, plays the key role in social transformation on this very day. Namely, apart from raising awareness of the need for transformation of civilisation settings, if loudly speaks about taboos. Thus, in the end of October, we mark the Asexuality Awareness Week, then the Breast Cancer Awareness Day (October 24th), and the Intersex Awareness Day (October 26th), and the International Transgender Day of Remembrance to memorialise those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia and hatred (November 26th.) This is when Scorpio reminds us about the existence of both sexuality and asexuality, promotes ideas of non-binarity, organises big rebellion requesting adequate and non-invasive treatment for inter-sex persons, as well as a breast cancer awareness campaign. There she is, walking shirtless down Ferhadija street, out od spite.

16 days of activism

In late November, we enter the Sagittarius constellation rule. Vital energy that Centaurus’s body radiates and the feeling for justice derived from enormous reading experience are the biggest qualities of this sign. Chiron, the great teacher of almost all Antic heroes is the mythical image which gave the name to this constellation. Jupiter, Roman God of heaven, the largest planet in the Solar System is the ruler of Sagittarius. Its influence is strong, but expansive. It seems that persons born in this sign always carry great zest and enthusiasm. Many astrologers, when writing about activism and horoscope, say that this sign in the most dedicated activist compared to all others. Sagittarius always takes the side of those with the least heard voice. From 25 November to 10 December, we mark 16 days of activism opposing violence against women. Since Jupiter is the planet of expansion and collectivity, campaigns take place in the large part of the world. On the International Human Rights Day, on 10 December 2016, the Sarajevo Open Centre organised a protest march, presenting requests dealing with neglected human rights. We are looking forward to the continuation of this tradition, and we hope that the influence of Sagittarius will encourage many others to join us in the joint walk this year, for the joint cause.

No winter sleep

It is the time of big changes, almost tectonic ones, in the world. Increase of neofascistic tendencies has caused a lot of concern in the activist community. But persons born with the sun in Capricorn will certainly not let anyone see that. We already mentioned that Capricorn is the hardest worker of all Zodiac signs, but we think that this deserves more clarification. In the winter, when it starts snowing in December, we need more energy in our part of the world to keep us warm. And in such a cold way, like the winter, Saturn – the strict father – emphasises responsible behaviour as an imperative for persons born in Capricorn. This means that Capricorn members must invest much more energy and work in order to get gifts from Saturn. It is natural for a Capricorn, if they feel responsible for an activist idea, to focus all available resources on it and to invest much more energy than any other Zodiac sign would invest. LGBTI persons born in this sign must be constantly reminded that life cannot be all work an no fun, but for activists born in this sign, fun and responsibility are two sides of the same coin. Director of the Sarajevo Open Centre was born under the rule of Capricorn constellation, and she is an example of tireless enthusiasm and persistent and dedicated work. The head of finance is also a Capricorn, and we can be sure that there will be no omissions in that domain.