We held the education on the rights of the Intersex people for Gender Institutional Mechanisms in BiH

During the July 2017 we organized training on the rights of intersex people for Gender Institutional Mechanisms in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the one-day education the representatives of the Gender Equality Agency of BiH, the Gender Center of the RS and the Gender Center of FBiH, had the opportunity to hear more about intersex rights, life and problems faced by intersex people as one of the most invisible group of people. The education facilitator was Kristian Ranđelović from Serbia, who has been active in LGBTI activism for decades, with special emphasis on the rights of trans and intersex people.

In the first part of the education, Kristian spoke about  what we have to know in order to better understand the lives and needs of intersex people. During the second part of the education, he talked about the steps that should be taken to protect the human rights of intersex people. One thing that is good in current legislation in BiH is that the Anti-Discrimination Law has recently included a ban on discrimination based on sex characteristics, which is the first time that intersex people are legally recognized by some law in BiH. In the third part of the education, we spoke about the role of institutions in the protection of the rights of intersex people. As a part of the thirt session we were passed through the Proposed Measures for Equality of LGBTI People for the period 2017 – 2019, created by the Sarajevo Open Center.

The conclusion of the education was that Sarajevo Open Centre, together with gender institutional mechanisms, will work on better protection of intersex rights.