Violence is not the Problem, the Problem is that it had to Come to Violence

zenska mrezaWomen, whose rights are not respected, represent one of the most marginalized groups in BH society. Thus, the Women’s Network BiH gives full support to the citizens, who are forced to demand their rights in public protests. Bosnia and Herzegovina became a country that does not guarantee basic social, economic, or political rights to any group or individual: pensioners, pregnant women, people with disabilities, neglected and cheated workers, women and men who cannot exercise their right to get their pension, national and sexual minorities.

Protests are the manifestation of the fact that the political system of BiH and different levels of governance only serve the political elites and their followers, and is, as such, unsustainable.

Women’s Network BiH condemns violence and vandalism by certain groups of protesters. We also condemn violence over arrested protesters. Violence can never be the solution.

Women’s Network BiH also invites bh. media and the general public to stop with the onesided representation of recent events. Young people who have been destroying property during the last few days, especially on Friday, and created the feeling of uncertainty are not hooligans and vandals, but the product of BiH as a state and as a society. They are our children, brothers and sisters, neighbors, students – they are a generation that was robbed of their past and present, and most probably the future, by post Dayton politics and political parties.

Women’s CSOs in BiH have been actively working on prevention and combating all forms of violence and discrimination. On these accounts, we invite the authorities and political elites of BiH to:

– stop shifting the blame to the protesters for the state of affairs because the primary problem is not the manifestation of violence, but the creation of this social situation;

adequately prosecute violence against arrested protesters; the responsibility lies with political elites, especially with the cantonal and Federal governments;

– work on creation of an education system that will promote human rights of marginalized groups and non-violence;

build a more just social and health system in order to enable a dignified life for all its citizens.

Women’s Network BiH