Training on LGBT-inclusive human rights activism for employees of the civil society organizations

SOC logo 2 - 001As a part of the Enhancing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans rights in Bih in line with EU standards project, funded by the European Union and run by Sarajevo Open Centre in cooperation with the Mediacenter Sarajevo, Sarajevo Open Centre would like to invite you to a training on LGBT-inclusive human rights activism for employees of the civil society organizations.

Place: Sarajevo.

Date: 11th and 12th July 2014.

The aim of this training is to introduce the employees of the civil society organizations to the LGBT terminology and identities, as well the stereotypes and prejudices that LGBT persons encounter on daily basis and which frequently result in discrimination and violence towards the LGBT persons. Through an exchange of experiences with the trainers, the participants of the training will learn more about the importance of including LGBT rights in human rights activism as well as the ways in which they can work on improving the human rights of LGBT persons and how they can provide support to LGBT activism. Special emphasis will be placed on the particularities and challenges that arise during LGBT activism and work with LGBT persons.

It is essential that human rights of LGBT persons be included in the work of civil society organizations and that they be treated equally, without discrimination, which will contribute to inclusive protection of LGBT persons’ human rights. In that way the concept of special rights can be discarded and public awareness of breaches of LGBT persons’ human rights and the growing need for their protection will be improved.

Application procedure:

Interested applicants need to return the filled in form, which is hereby attached to: (email) [email protected], or (fax): 033 300 073, by 29th June 2014.

Special notice:

Travel, accommodation and food expenses will be covered by the organizer. Travel expenses for the use of public transportation, or a personal vehicle will be compensated after the training, via a bank transfer.

The participants will receive the information about the exact location of the training after submitting their application.

For more information please contact us at: [email protected], or call us at: 033 200 073.