Training: Gender Diversity and Equality in the Work of Civil Society Organizations, Part I. Nov. 13 & 14

sliika_logotipiThe first module of the training series Gender Diversity and Equality in the Work of Civil Society Organizations will occur on November 13 and 14 in Sarajevo’s Hotel Grand. It is a part of Sarajevo Open Centre’s project Gender Diversity, created in partnership with the Heinrich Boll Foundation. 14 participants from organizations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina will attend. The second module will be held on the 28th and 29th of November. Dragana Todorović from Novi Sad will lead both modules. 

This training is firstly intended for civil society organizations within Bosnia and Herzegovina whose main priority is not gender equality. It was conceived of as a training in two modules in two-day sections to be held in November of 2013.

The general goal of this training is to sensitize these civil society organizations, for whom gender equality is not their main priority, about the significance and methods for including aspects of gender equality in the organizations’ work. The focus will be not only on activities and programmes that the organizations sponsor, but also on the internal structure and functions of the organizations themselves.

Participants in the training will have the opportunity to learn more about the concepts of gender, sex, gender equality, and gender diversity, and also about the methodologies of inclusion of aspects of gender equality on all levels of the organization’s work (gender mainstreaming). During the second two-day module, participants will, using examples that are relevant to their immediate activities, have the opportunity to get acquainted with the possible ways to identify and evaluate the needs of men and women. They will also formulate ideas for future project ideas and activities. In addition, in the second module they will be introduced to methods of assessing gender inclusion in the functioning of their organizations, and they will formulate a plan of future measures to improve the current situation.

You can download the program here .