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Okcabrasevic.ba, January 13, 2014 – Screening of “Lead With Love”

As a part of Sex, Pop and Politics, Sarajevo Open Centre invites you to the screening of “Lead by Love”, January 13, 2014, u 8:45 pm, OKC Abrašević. Entrance is free. „Lead by Love“ is a 35-minute documentary, whose idea is to offer information, consolation and guidance to parents who have found out their child … Continued

Documentary “Intersexion” in Tuzla, Sarajevo and Banja Luka

Intersexion Directed by Grant Lahood, documentary film, New Zealand, 2012, 68 min. We invite you to the screening of a documentary about intersexion from 2012. Grant LaHood is well-known activist for the rights of intersex people and in his film shows, through interviews with more than 10 people who were born as a intersex, the complexity … Continued