Okcabrasevic.ba, January 13, 2014 – Screening of “Lead With Love”

vodjeni ljubavljuAs a part of Sex, Pop and Politics, Sarajevo Open Centre invites you to the screening of “Lead by Love”, January 13, 2014, u 8:45 pm, OKC Abrašević. Entrance is free.

„Lead by Love“ is a 35-minute documentary, whose idea is to offer information, consolation and guidance to parents who have found out their child is a lesbian, gay or bisexual. The movie follows 4 families and their first reactions, emotions, fears and questions when they find out that their child is different. Answers to parents’ FAQs are given through talks with psychologists, teachers and priests, as well as advice which should help the parents to be more supportive of their children in the period of coming out.