Support our idea for Innovation Lab Sarajevo 2012 contest


If you want to support our endeavors in the field of LGBT human rights, support our idea no. 43 on facebook page Innovation Lab Sarajevo 2012! All you have to do is like our idea and post a comment!

Our idea is to establish the first LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans) web portal in B&H which would give a positive image of LGBT persons in B&H, give them access to information on LGBT issues ranging from politics, law and (popular) culture and a chance for creative expression through articles, photography and video with the help of web designers, IT professionals and journalists.

LGBT web portal would represent a source of information on problems and issues concerning LGBT persons and would be accessible to lesbians, gays, bisexual and trans persons in B&H. At the same time, it would represent a relevant source of information for the general public, raising positive visibility of LGBT persons in B&H and awareness about problems these persons are facing by deconstructing stereotypes connected to LGBT persons on which homophobia and transphobia – negative attitudes towards LGBT persons – are founded.

Innovation Lab is a gathering which aims to strengthen connections which new media technologies and digital tools create between journalists, representatives of civil society, activists, artists, IT experts and other interested human rights defender parties enabling joint efforts to achieve positive changes in the society. It will be held in Sarajevo, June 28-30 2012.

Before the event, innovative ideas will be collected and the jury consisting of local and international representatives of the media, civil society and IT community will pick 10 best ideas. These ideas will be practically developed during a two-day program. Those who want to vote for the project ideas can do it on Facebook.

Top three projects will get financial and expert support.