SOC participates in the UPR pre-session in Geneva

Rasim Ibrahimagic will represent Sarajevo Open Centre (SOC) and talk about Bosnia and Herzegovina at a panel within the pre-session wich is the part of third UPR (Universal Periodic Review) cycle, that will be held in early October in Geneva. The SOC, together with other civil society representatives in BiH, will talk about the implementation of the recommendations of the previous UPR cycle and the current human rights situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and make its recommendations for improving this situation.

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a unique mechanism of the United Nations Human Rights Council aimed at promoting human rights in all UN member states by gathering relevant information from member states, information collected by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights rights, and information from other relevant entities such as civil society organizations.

Following the October meeting, in November a UPR working group session will follow to discuss recommendations based on the information gathered. States can’t “reject” the recommendations they have been made, but they can explain by noting why they do not support those recommendations.

Following the adoption of the recommendations, they will be implemented until the next UPR report, which will evaluate the work on the previously issued recommendations and begin the process of collecting new recommendations.

The SOC coordinates an informal coalition of twelve BiH civil society organizations called BiH Civil Society Initiative for UPR, whose work has resulted in the publication of a Shadow Report for the 3rd Universal Periodic Review on the state of human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is important to note that in addition to the SOC, three other member organizations of this informal coalition will also speak on the panel within the UPR Pre-session, with TRIAL International in BiH, Transparency International in BiH and My Right – Empowers People with Disabilities.

You can read more about UPR and SOC participation in the third cycle at the link.