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If you are discriminated on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, or if you’ve been subjected to some kind of violence, you can report to us.

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What is discrimination and what are its forms?

Discrimination is every action which excludes, limits or prevents a person to perform their daily activities or use their guaranteed rights on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. It does not have to include physical violence. In BiH, discrimination is prohibited by the Anti-Discrimination Law (Article 2).

Forms of discrimination

Sexual harrassment is any form of unwanted physical, verbal ot non-verbal behaviour  of sexual nature, whose result is insult to person’s dignity, and creates a formidable or humiliating environment.

For example: You are walking down the street with your girlfriend and a group of passersby yells: “Let me show you what a real man is!” or somebody sends you pornographic material by e-mail.

Mobbing is a form of non-physical harrassment in the workplace which consists of repeating acts whose goal is to humiliate a person and to degrade their working conditions, professional and personal integrity.

For example: A colleague or a boss insults you on the basis of your sexual orientation; tells you that “you don’t look like a man or a woman”; speaks to you in gender opposite of yours.

Segregation is separation of person on the basis of their (assumed) sexual orientation or gender identity.

For example: In the sport class, your teacher sends you to play with the girls instead of playing football with the boys; colleagues do not want to share working space with you.

Incitement to discrimination exists when a person publicly emphasizes their negative attitude towards LGBT persons or encites other to discriminate LGBT persons.

For example: A powerfull politician states his/her personal negative attitude towards homosexuality, knowing that it might cause negative reactions of his/her followers toward LGBT persons.

If you are a victim of discrimination, report it!
If you are a witness of discrimination, report it!