Public Reaction of Women’s Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding unprofessional and sexist statements of the Mayor of Novi Grad Municipality Sarajevo Semir Efendić.

zenska mrezaRepresentatives of the Women’s Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ŽMBiH) strongly condemn the statement of Semir Efendić, Mayor of Novi Grad Municipality Sarajevo and require a public apology for the unprofessional  comments he wrote regarding the information that informal club of women MPs in the House of Representatives of the FbiH was founded.

Statement of Semir Efendić:

“Gender affiliation is a false basis for political organization and can only bring harm, especially for women who have been through such organizations and were brainwashed to the point that they are no longer capable of normal socialization with the rest of society.” This statements shows subjective patriarchal and discriminatory attitude towards women that is harmful to a large extent the development of local society.

In his statements, Semir Efendić did not only endanger the dignity and integrity of women politicians, but all women.

ŽMBIH believes that the sexist and discriminatory statements must have sanctions, especially if these statements are coming from those who are responsible for the establishment of conditions of equal opportunity regardless of gender and gender roles. We ask that representatives / authorized institutions to take responsibility and begin to do their job for which they are payed by the citizens, and to sanction all forms of violence and discrimination against women by men, regardless of whether the discrimination or violence is carried out in the public or in private space.