Promotion of the publication “What is the gender of security?”

Kojeg je roda sigurnostCollection of papers entitled –  “What is the gender of security?” has been promoted on March 4th at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo. Participants were Tobias Flessenkemper and Damir Arsenijević, editors, Mirela Rožajac-Zulčić and Amila Ždralović, authors and promotion was  moderated by Lejla Turčilo, subdean of this faculty.

In the papers of this collection, the authors investigation and considers gender and security through a range of topics, including criminology, missing persons, representation of women in the armed forces and police, and in peace activism. This publication is the second book published in Gender edition of Sarajevo Open Centre, which intends to continue to publish various titles pertaining to gender as socially and culturally conditioned difference between males and females, who are primarily the product of norms, practices, customs and tradition and are changeable over time, and especially those features and people who deny to transcend, to question and criticize this binary differences, with an overview of different gender and social categories: security, politics, art …

This publication has been produced in the hope that it will inspire change/s in Bosnian society, which is still very traditional.

The promotion was held as part of the celebration of International Women’s Day, which is jointly organized by the Sarajevo Open Centre, CURE Foundation and Nato Headquarters in Sarajevo.