Press conference: Presenting the results of the research on the problems of LGBT persons in BiH

naslovnica analize rezultata potreba ENGSarajevo Open Centre and Internews invite all journalists to the sixth Info session on LGBT topics, which will take place in Sarajevo on Thursday, 26 September 2013, at 11 am in Meeting Point coffee shop. Info session is a part of the project we are implementing in partnership with Internews. During this year, we will organize 8 info sessions.

The goal of these info sessions is to provide basic information in relation to the rights and culture of LGBT persons, as well as to introduce correct terminology to the journalists and achieving professional and ethical media reporting. During 8 sessions, journalists will have the opportunity to talk to guests – rom the region and BiH – who are dealing with LGBT topics through theory, pratice and activism.

The results of the research on the problems of LGBT persons in BiH will be presented at this info session.

After two-months of researching the needs and problems of LGBT community in BiH, we are in a position to observe certain life circumstances LGBT persons are living in and whose consequences they are facing.

545 persons, aged 15-54 godina, have answered to questions from different areas of life – which persons in their surroundings know about their LGBT identities and are they supportive of them, have they been discriminated of victims of violence and how they reacted to such violations of their human rights, how did the society and the legal system react, what do they think about pride parade and do they have trust in the law enforcement, is their physical health endangered because of the fear and homophobia they are subjected to because of their sexuality or gender expression, and how medics treat them. Also, opinions of LGBT persons on how they perceive their social needs, what does the members of the LGBT community think about the community, what they know about the work of Sarajevo Open Centre, and about the political participation of LGBT persons.

Jasmina Čaušević, author of the publication Numbers of life will be presenting the results of the research.

We encourage you to come. See you on Thursday, September 26, 2013!