Portal lgbt.ba changed its web domain to lgbti.ba

lgbti-logoDear friends and partners of the Sarajevo Open Centre, we want to inform you that the web portal lgbt.ba, that we had launched in 2013, changed its web domain by adding the letter i to its name, in order to, in that way, show its commitment and openness for the subjects that include intersex persons, their rights and the problems they face in our society.

Through our work so far we have publically raised the issues important for lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender persons and, by doing that, contributed to raising awareness and knowledge of the public on the problems that the LGBT persons face, that, until now, has not been the case regarding subjects relevant to intersex persons.

In the coming period we will, in an equally public manner, raise the issues of the status of intersex persons, as well as advocate for the improvement of their rights and the social inclusion of all LGBTI persons.

We hope that this gesture and our work will accomplish the goal that we have set ourselves, and that the intersex persons and their families will recognize us as partners in the struggle for the improvement of their everyday life, and as the organisation that they can always turn to talk, for advice and support.

The web domain LGBT.ba is now redirected to the new one, LGBTI.ba, so, no matter what you type, you will reach the right web address.

If you have any suggestions, please write to [email protected].