Overview of the lectures at the Žarana Papić School of Feminism: 8 April 2017

On Saturday, 08/04/2017, the first set of lectures at this year’s Žarana Papić School of Feminism, with the third generation of students, took place. In the scope of the Module 3 – Introduction to feminisms: History, terms, theory, Jasmina Čaušević, MA of social sciences in the field of gender studies, talked about the history of the movement – the beginnings of the feminist movements and women’s associations in B&H. In the scope of the Module 1 – Culture and Ideology, Danijela Majstorović, professor of English Language and Literature on the Faculty of Philology in Banja Luka where she teaches the linguistic group of subjects, discourse analysis and cultural and media studies, talked about the contemporary course of cultural studies, in the context of Marxism. She gave the introduction to the basis of Marks’ understanding of social structure, as well as an insight into the relation between the economic basis (production relations and means of production) and outbuilding (culture, art, politics).

More about the content of the lectures is available in the B/C/S language.

The realisation of the Žarana Papić School of Feminism is being financially supported by the Swedish Government via the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).