Overview of the lectures at the School of Feminism: 31 May 2016

On Tuesday, 31 May the lectures of the Module 1 (Introduction to feminisms: history, terms, theory) and Module 2 (State, law, equality: de iure and de facto) at this year’s Žarana Papić School of Feminism took place.


In the scope of the Module 1, the students were discussing several topics – pornography, religion and queer, especially their feminist readings.

In the scope of the Module 2, Miroslav Živanović, MA in the field of governance and humanitarian affairs, gave a lecture on the public policies drafting and implementation in the field of human rights, and the importance of efficient communication with the decision makers.


On Tuesday, 7 June the lectures of the facultative modules start at 5:30 P.M. In the scope of the facultative Module 1 Nebojša Jovanović will talk about the basic conceptualizations of “ideology”, and the students will be introduced to the facultative Module 2, the activities and themes it will cover.


The realisation of the Žarana Papić School of Feminism is being financially supported by the Swedish Government via the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).