Organizations Where LGBTI Persons Can Seek Psychological Support

Here you can find contact information in B/C/S language on civil society organizations where LGBTIQ+ persons can seek inclusive, sensitized support and help both in the form of peer to peer counseling and in the form of psychological/psychotherapeutic support and counseling, with whom we have worked so far and will work in the future. Organizations are located in Tuzla, Prijedor, Zenica, Bijeljina, Mostar and Sarajevo.

Cooperation with organizations was established within the project “Regionalizing LGBTI inclusive psychosocial support and access to mental health services in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, which we have been implementing in partnership with the Wings of Hope Foundation, and that is financed by the European Union. The project aims to create an environment where LGBTI people will be encouraged and supported in accessing mental health and social care systems that provide inclusive and sensitized services, and to strengthen and expand the institutional and network of civil society organizations that provide psycho-social support for LGBTI people in BiH.