LGBTI persons and media: Invitation to the School for students of journalism and young journalists

Responsible journalism: LGBTI persons and media

Sarajevo Open Centre invites all students of journalism and young journalists who have graduated in last three years and who are from Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate in school.

School will be held from 15th to 17th of March 2017.

Purpose of this school is affirmation of rights of LGBTI people and sensitization of public through the responsible journalism of young and future journalists through their active participation in activities of the school. Reporting about human rights of minorities and human rights of LGBTI people in professional and ethical way is important issue. Media represent powerful instrument which can affect on behaviour and attitude of citizens. Educational institutions only partially work on this subject. That why is important to educate future journalists through the extracurricular education about this issue.

Participants will be introduced with terminology which is used for human rights of LGBTI people. They will learn more about stereotypes and prejudices through the different exercises, about language that is used in media in reporting on LGBTI subjects, but also about dominant forms of representing of LGBTI people. They will find out why is important to write about LGBTI subjects, and which is responsibility of media in creating of public discourse about LGBTI people.

After the school, participants will be obligated to write text on different topics regarding Human rights and life of LGBTI people from BiH. Text will be published on web potral.

Organizer will refund costs of transport for participants from other cities after the school ending. Organizer will pay costs of food and accommodation.

Deadline for registration to school is 1st March of 2017.

Everyone interested for participation on school must fill in the form and write motivation letter which should contain information about the reason for registration to school.

Results will be published until March the 8th 2017.