Info session: How trans * people live in Croatia?

SOC logo 2 - 001Invitation for journalists to participate on the Info session: How trans * people living in Croatia?

12/11/2014. at 10: 30h, Medicentar Sarajevo

Sarajevo Open Centre from November this year, will start again with organizing info sessions for journalists in BiH. In the course of this and next year, journalists will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the guests from the country and the region, who are on different ways dealing with LGBT issues through theory, practice and activism.
Info sessions will be held on 12.11.2014. at 10:30 Mediacenter Sarajevo.

Through monitoring the reporting media on LGBT issues, we came to the conclusion that it is important to continue this kind of work with the media, with the aim of providing basic information regarding the fair, professional and ethical media reporting.

The first theme is dedicated to the International Day of Remembrance of the transgender people murdered because of transphobia.