In 2018, 142 new people were a part of our community activities

One more year is behind us, and 2018 or the so-called twothousandgayteen was full of different LGBTIQ community events. This year we organised many events that aimed at strengthening and bringing closer our LGBTIQ community through various workshops related to coming out and processes that LGBTI persons go through on a daily basis. During this year we organised group psychological sessions, talking rooms, through which we discussed the ways we live our identities, and what has affected the shaping of our identities. During this year, through the education of police officers, judges and prosecutors, healthcare professionals, LGBTI participated in live libraries where they shared their identities and life stories. On the events we promoted and questioned queer arts and literature, and the way in which LGBTI persons could be socially engaged as activists. The goal was to offer and work on building our skills, so we organised workshops of creative writing and stencils-making.

During 2018 we launched the socialisation and learning concept – Queer quiz. The aim has been the desire to learn more about LGBTI history, activism, human rights and culture. It has proved to be a good way to have great fun, learn new things and win cool and colourful awards. We plan to continue with this concept the next year.

This year, we organised over 30 community events, on which there were more than 500 visits, with 142 new persons. LGBTI persons participated in public events, like protests, live libraries, street activities, and International Queer Festival Merlinka.

We are very glad and proud of the fact that during this year, through the community events for the family and friends, we had three mothers. However hard it is for LGBTI persons to go through different processes, have certain needs and face problems, the same it is for our families – they need support and exchange of experience. During next year, we plan to continue working on supporting the family, so we invite you to be a part of those events.

During 2018, more than 50 persons asked for peer to peer counselling, and 23 persons received free psychological support in the partner organisation Wings of Hope. More than 40 persons asked for legal advice.

All our events, actions and parties aimed at encouraging, motivating and strengthening the LGBTIQ community to live their lives authentically.

We want to expand our identities, as well as to give space and opportunities to all LGBTI+ persons to feel safe and pleasant in our premises, and to take new space together, because they belong to all of us.

We hope that the next year we will see more LGBTI persons on out events, and that the events will encourage them to walk the streets of their cities/ towns freely, courageously, safely and proudly, because every step we take while living out authentic lives is a small battle within ourselves, but also a battle against the world that renounces our existence.