Feminist Economic Forum – invitation

Sarajevo Open Centre and Friedrich Ebert Foundation BiH organise the Feminist Economic Forum, that will take place on 13 November 2018 in Sarajevo.
Feminist Economic Forum is a platform for discussing the actual knowledge in the field of feminist economy, its demands on the global level, and the opportunities for reviewing and improving the economic reality in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Precisely, we want to open the discussion on relevant and current economic issues from the feminist perspective, as the economy of care: unpaid house labor, childcare and adult care; poverty and effects of austerity measures on women: women, labor market and precarious work.
Feminist economy is the key understanding of theory and practices, methodology, epistemology, history and different empirical research used in economy, that strives to overcome the androcentric and patriarchal assumptions built into the economic models. It also represents the alternative to the mainstream economic trends that have the neoliberal character.
Feminist economy critiques the classic economic theory that often, in its models, recognizes only one gender, namely in the center of the economic analysis it puts the “rational, economic person/man”, and women, if it even recognizes them, are seen only as a homogeneous group, not including the intersectional approach.
Feminist economy also brings the focus to areas that are not included in the aggregate, macroeconomic indicators, like the unpaid house labor, childcare, adult care, and for macroeconomic goals it plans to be lead by the ethics of care that replaces and/or complements the assumption of maximizing profits with emphasizing human relations, the significance of social and emotional relations as presuppositions of development and welfare. It concentrates on sustainable development and creating equal opportunities for participation and welfare of the present and future generations, instead of ensuring fast economic growth here and now.
The speakers of the panel within the first Feminist Economic Forum will be Nikolina Obradović and Nela Porobić from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Sonja Lokar from SLovenia. The moderator of the panel will be Miroslav Živanović.