Feminist discussions in Konjević Polje and Breza

The Public Library “Muhamed Kantardžić” from Breza, Women’s Association JADAR from Konjević Polje and Sarajevo Open Centre invite you to the book promotion „One su naše danas“, and to discussions about how Bosnian-Herzegovinian administrative, political, economic, educational and cultural reality affects the private and public feminist action in Breza, Konjević Polje and BiH.

We use this occasion to open important question and to present the book “One su naše danas” that was created as the common endeavour of the participants of the Žarana Papić School of Feminism, from their need to contribute to ending the practice of neglecting the contribution of women to BH history, culture, society.

Sarajevo Open Centre, since April 2015 via the School of Feminist, has continued the women’s studies programme Žarana Papić, that in 1998 was initiated and led by the Association Žene ženama, as the first studies on women in BiH. Until now, four generations have completed the school, and we are preparing the programme for the fifth School of Feminism.

The realization of this event is supported by the Swedish Development Cooperation Agency SIDA.