Created Directions and Modes of Action for the Network of LGBTIQ+ Persons and Their Families

As part of the project “Regionalising LGBTI inclusive psychosocial support and access to mental health services in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, funded by the European Union, on 26 and 27 November 2022, Sarajevo Open Centre organised the event to launch the network of LGBTIQ+ persons and their families. This event continues the multi-year work of the group that continuously works on connecting, empowering and building its capacities.

The central parts of the event were workshops and discussions on the goals and work plans of the informal network in the coming year. The network determined its name, GRID Zagrljaj – Group of parents and LGBTIQ+ children, created its logo – a visual that will represent its activities in the public space, as well as a video that shows the most significant moments of socializing and working together.

The members of the group went through the vision and mission, worked out the structure, organization and functioning, the goals of action and connection in this type of informal network, the activities they want to realize in the coming period, which concern increasing the visibility of LGBTIQ+ persons and family support, animating the public about challenges of the LGBTIQ+ community, motivating potential new members to participate in the work of the network and similar matters. Members will continue to work on their own empowerment, but also on creating positive stories in the public space (media, especially online media, schools, colleges, etc.), so that as many parents/family members as possible would be encouraged to accept and support LGBTIQ+ persons from their families, and to also actively advocate the improvement of their social position and human rights.

The goal of the project “Regionalising LGBTI inclusive psychosocial support and access to mental health services in Bosnia and Herzegovina” is to create an environment in which LGBTI people will be encouraged and supported in accessing social protection and mental health systems that provide inclusive and sensitized services. The project is implemented by Sarajevo Open Centre, and the project partner is the Wings of Hope Foundation from Sarajevo, which through its mental health program seeks to improve social inclusion and strengthen women, children, youth and other vulnerable groups, promoting and protecting human rights, mental health and support in education.

For information about realized and ongoing activities, follow the website, as well as the social media of Sarajevo Open Centre.

For more information about the project, please contact:

Delila Hasanbegović Vukas, Programme Coordinator at Sarajevo Open Centre

Phone: 033 551 000

E-mail[email protected]

The creation of this text, logo and video was financed by the European Union through the project “Regionalising LGBTI inclusive psychosocial support and access to mental health services in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. The views and opinions expressed in this text and video are the authors’ own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.