Completion of Five-day Training for LGBTIQ Persons

A training programme for the personal and activist empowerment of LGBTIQ persons, which lasted five days and took place on Jahorina, was completed yesterday. 14 participants listened to seven lecturers and participated in workshops about LGBTIQ history, activism, and culture, as well as human rights and discrimination, and were empowered in their activist and everyday efforts.

The goal of the training was to contribute to the bolstering of LGBTIQ persons, and to increase knowledge and information within the LGBTIQ community about rights, activism, sexuality, coming out, and feminism. The five-day programme consisted of a series of interactive workshops, dealing with human sexuality, the understanding of basic concepts in LGBTIQ history, feminism and activism, as well as raising awareness of stereotypes and prejudices. We questioned ourselves and talked about the coming out process, privacy, and our ways of dealing with homo/bi/trans*phobia. We talked about love and partner relations, and together we learned about nonviolent communication. We paid special attention to everyday life, dismantling others+’ prejudices, as well as activist actions and ways of joining in activism.