Coalition Equality presented the alternative model for implementation of ruling Sejdić and Finci v. Bosnia and Herzegovina

logo koalicijaOn a discussion that was held on Monday, March 11th at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo, Coalition Equality presented its model for implementing the ruling of European Human Rights Court in case Sejdic and Finci v. Bosnia and Herzegovina. This model, titled  Unicameral Parliamentary Political System in Bosnia and Herzegovina builds up on proposals of the Venice Commission and the Swiss political system.

The proposals includes abolishment of the BiH Presidency and transferring executive powers and competences to the Council of Ministers BiH. The Council of Ministers BiH would be the central executive body, with the representation of constituent peoples and “Others”. The executive body would become more functional and simpler. This would prepare ground for more intensive engagement in Euro-Atlantic integration.

This model also proposes the abolishment of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly’s House of peoples and creating a unicameral parliament that would include power of veto for protection of collective vital interests. This veto would be available to constituent peoples and “Others”. The parliament would be twice bigger, with an equal representation of “Others”. The legislative process would become more efficient and transparent. In turn, this would create the necessary preconditions for parliament to become a central institution of the BiH political system.

Coalition Equality has forwarded its model to the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, EU Parliament and to EU delegation in B&H.