Book promotion: How is it to be a gay man in the Balkans?

Many friends attended the untypical promotion of an even more untypical book: “18+ Book About Non-Conformist Men”.

Hainsia Olindi greeted the audience at 10.30 pm and, in her manner, spoke about how it is to be a gay man in the Balkans, presented her categorization of gay men, and explained the straight world’s obsolete attempt at intervention into th gay world. Besides being direct and precisely self-critical, Hainsia showed and amazing stand-up potential and the audience loved her last night. After her performance, the stage was taken over by Jozo, Feđa, Lejla and Emina, who illustrated a part of the poetics and esthetics of the book. They read the part of the book on sex and sexual practices – different forms of one pleasure. In the end, Hainsia addressed the homophobes, saying that they were not present, but they better read the book in order to know the ones they hate, so they don’t hate in vain.

Have a look at the photographs from last night, feel the atmosphere, get your copy of the book and enter the world of non-conformist men.