Announcement of a lecture: Becoming a mother on the periphery in the time of manipulation with crisis

Neko je rekao fenizam_trece predavanje_ISarajevo Open Centre in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and with the media support of the magazine DANI is organizing six lectures and the topics will include: impunity, militarization, motherhood, employment and social rights, contemporary Bosnian and Herzegovinian film art, and solidarity and responsibility of feminist initiatives in BiH.

Becoming a mother on the periphery in the time of manipulation with crisis

5th July 2014, 11h

Speaker: Ana Vilenica

Venue: Museum of literature and performing arts BiH,

Sime Milutinovića Sarajlije 7, Sarajevo.

We would like to invite you to a new lecture in the second lecture series Someone said feminism?, which will be given by Ana Vilenica on the topic: Becoming a mother on the periphery in the time of manipulation with crisis. The lecture will explore peripheral regimes of motherhood in neoliberal capitalism, especially in the context of the impact the economic crisis has on the budgeting of mothers work and structuring the role of the mother. A question about the construction of reproductive work as unwaged and invisible in capitalism will be unpacked, as well as issues of comodification of the reproductive capacities of women and caretaking, and specifically – how to connect the critiques of nationalism and patriarchy with the critiques of political economy. More about the instrumentalization of ‘family’ in the field of neoliberal social norms will be explored, as well as alternative forms of unions, ways of political subjectivation of mothers and radical care at the time of market fundamentalism, general crisis, omnipresent exploitation, permanent war and discriminatory and violent regimes of sexism, homophobia and racism – socio-economic relations which are perceived as fundamentally unjust.

There will be an open discussion on these and similar questions after the lecture.

About the speaker: Ana Vilenica is a researcher, feminist theoretician and an activist. She is the author of the publication Becoming a mother on the periphery and the editor of the book Becoming a mother in neoliberal capitalism. She is the editor of the uz)bu)na))) journal for arts, politics, theory and activism.