17th ILGA EUROPE Annual Conference, Zagreb, October 24-27 2013

ilga zagreb logoILGA-Europe’s seventeenth Annual Conference named Family matters! Reaching out to hearts and minds will take place in Zagreb on 24-26 October 2013. The Conference consists out of 35 workshops, and meetings which can be organized during the conference or in the participants’ free time. Almost 250 representatives of LGBTI organizations from 42 member countries will attend the Conference, alongside the representatives from European institutions.

Participants of the Conference will have a chance to exchange and discuss their mutual
issues and challenges regarding the advancement of equality and human rights, as well as
to share the best practices and celebrate their success and set up or plan future projects,
strategies and tactics.

This Conference is also ILGA Europe’s annual general assembly in which the members of the Executive Board will present financial reports and reports on the activities of ILGA Europe so in the previous year, and in which policy and constitutional issues are discussed.

New members of the Executive Board of ILGA Europe will also be elected.

This year’s ILGA Europe conference is organized in association with the Zagreb organizing
committee ILGA-Europe Conference 2013. The committee includes the Croatian LGBTI
organizations: Lesbian group – Kontra, Centre for sexual and gender minorities – Iskorak
and Rišpet – LGBT association from Split.

Representatives of Sarajevo Open centre will also participate in ILGA Europe annual
conference, as well as in the organization of the workshop called Working on Combating
Hate Crimes in Eastern Europe, in cooperation with Lesbian group – Kontra and Centre
for sexual and gender minorities – Iskorak, organization Legebitra from Slovenia and
Campaign against homophobia – LGBT organization from Poland.