10 December 2016 – Invitation to the protest march – Human Rights on the Agenda!

banner01International Human Rights Day is marked on 10 December, the day of signing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, when the rights of all humans to life, freedom and security… without differences were recognized.

On the occasion of marking this day, the citizens, activists organize the protest march – Human Rights on the agenda!

We consider that going out on the street, pointing out the issues we face and struggling together for our human rights is of key importance.

It is important to unite in our common struggle and, on this day, to clearly convey our demands and say that we won’t tolerate the daily institutional, societal and individual human rights violations.

We invite you to come and carry your flags, messages and banners, and point to issues that concern you directly, discrimination, violence and daily human rights violations that surround and happen to us.

The gathering is planned for 10 December (Saturday) at 11:30 A.M. in front of the Academy for Fine Arts (Obala Maka Dizdara 2), and the march will begin at 12 P.M. The route of the march is: Academy of Fine Arts – City Government (Parliament of the Federation of BiH) – Eiffel Bridge – Canton Sarajevo/Centar Municipality building, passing by the BiH Presidency building – Maršal Tito Street – Parliamentary Assembly BiH – Faculty of Philosophy. We will briefly hold in front of the buildings of parliamentary bodies (FBiH Parliament, Canton Sarajevo and BiH Parliamentary Assembly) in order to read our specific requirements. The special focus of the requirements is on the protection of the rights to life and security, from violence, building society of tolerance, secured access to health care and protection of public goods.

We invite you to come to this march, as many of you, because it concerns us all!

If you want to be directly involved in the organization of the march and are interested in joint banners-making, or you need more information, please contact via e-mail: [email protected]

Information is available on Facebook event, on this link.