WOMEN LEADERS CLOSE-UP. Contribution to the study of leadership of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina

During the development of the women’s movement and the institutionalization of women’s rights and gender equality, one very important aspect has been the recognition and growth of women’s leadership within institutions, social and family structures. Leadership of women can be even considered as one of the key issues for gender equality, since leadership and transformative communication process has great potential to reshape the structure of dominance. Examination of the experiences of women leaders at all levels in business, science, government, politics, civil society, the countryside, the city, etc. provides insight and illuminates the creation and operation of new space for the empowerment of women. Women’s leadership is long-term transformative not only for the leaders, but for their environment and the wider community as well, influencing changes in the lives of other women too. To this end, this book aims to illuminate the personal experiences of women leaders, so they can become part of the scientific empirical material and thus contribute to the development of women’s leadership in the context of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with all its specificities.

Publication available in BCS language.