Sarajevo Open Centre continues with the Initiative to Rename Tuzla Airport in honor of Fatima Mušić

During this month, Sarajevo Open Centre sent a request to the Assembly of Tuzla Canton regarding the consideration of an initiative to rename the Tuzla Airport according to the name of the first BiH woman aviator – Fatima Mušić. This initiative was presented to the Assembly in Novembre of 2017.

We believe that this initiative would be a great opportunity to raise awareness in the fight against forgetting and neglecting the work, dedication and contribution of the great BiH women and their contribution to our culture, science, sports, art and society as a whole. Those are the reasons which give us the hope that this initiative will be accepted and addressed in the parliamentary procedure.

Fatima Mušić, later married to Manojlović, was the first woman aviator in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She was a member of Aeroclub Sarajevo since 1948, and she completed her training at the Aeroclub Air School Sarajevo on September 11, 1950. She successfully completed her education after 95 flight classes.

Aeroclub Sarajevo has collected data about their members over the past years, and here are just few names of excellent flight attendants that were considered better than their male colleagues. They are: Zlata Hadzibdic, Milena Blagojevic, Judita Bušić, Miranda Čičak, Vojka Marić, Ines Martinović and others.

Sarajevo Open Centre believes that in the new convening of the Assembly of Tuzla Canton 2018-2022, the representatives will have a hearing on the importance of promoting gender equality and marking the airports, as well as other facilities / streets / public spaces / institutions of general interest by the names of women that have significantly contributed to the BiH society.