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Reaction: A Kiss is not a Scandal

Sarajevo Open Centre reacted today to the article published in Dnevni avaz – “Piloti se ljubili na parkingu!?” ([Male] Pilots were Kissing at the Parking Lot!?). Reaction was sent to the Editorial Board of Dnevni Avaz, and an appeal was sent to the Press Council. This case was also reported to the Institution of Human … Continued

Saff’s journalists violated the Codex for Print and Online Media

Press Council in Bosnia-Herzegovina received 42 complaints and representatives of the civil society organisations to the article „Pederluk među djecom“ (“Faggotry Among Children”), published on November 10, 2013 on saff.ba. The article refers to the “Stand Up” project, dedicated to the prevention of gender based violence, implemented by the „Tuzlanska zajednica“ Foundation. Citizens complainted that … Continued