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Using EU integration for improvement of LGBT rights in Western Balkans

In the Western Balkans, the human rights of LGBT people are violated on a daily basis. One reason for this situation is that the ruling authorities have not opted for the creation and / or enhancement of institutional and legal elements that would protect LGBT rights.

European LGBT rights advocates gather in Croatia

Published on washingtonblade.com Nearly 300 LGBT rights advocates from across Europe gathered in Croatia from Oct. 24-26 for ILGA-Europe’s annual conference. Croatian President Ivo Jospović on Thursday welcomed those who attended the gathering in Zagreb, the country’s capital, in a video message. “I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your courage and perseverance in … Continued

What is hate crime

Hate crime is the nam for all criminal acts which have been committed because the perpetrator felt the intolerance towards the victim or victims because of their real or assumed sexual orientation and/or gender identity and their connection to/with LGBT persons. Persons who have decided they want to report a hate crime motivated by sexual … Continued