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Inclusion of measures for equal opportunities for LGBT persons in health sector in BiH

The Heinrich Böll Foundation, BiH Office, along with partner organisations, is implementing the project Coming out! Advocating promotion and protection of LGBT rights, financed by European Union. As a part of this project, research in the health sector was completed, and the results of this research are published in the fifth sectoral report: Rights of … Continued

Right of LGBT Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Health

Jasmina Čaušević, Lejla Somun-Krupalija, Zlatiborka Popov-Momčinović Prava LGBT osoba u Bosni i Hercegovini: Zdravstvo. Sarajevo: Fondacija Heinrich Boell – Ured za BiH, Fondacija CURE, Sarajevski otvoreni centar. PDF verzija: Prava LGBT osoba u BiH: Zdravstvo