SOMEBODY SAID FEMINISM – Pornography and feminism

Fifth Series of Lectures and Discussions


March-November 2017

Sarajevo Open Centre and Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017 organise 6 lectures in the scope of the fifth cycle of Somebody said feminism?!, whose topics will be related to rural life, pornography, poverty, rap music, cyber revenge and trans* women.

18 April 2017 (Tuesday) at 6 P.M.

Topic: Pornography and feminism

Lecturer: Asja Bakić

Venue: Journalist Club – Banja Luka(Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića 109)

We invite you to a lecture within the fifth cycle of Somebody said feminism?, the topic being Pornography and feminism, and the lecturer being Asja Bakić. The lecturer will provide affirmative reading about pornography in the context of the contemporary feminist struggle by reflecting the benefits of the pornography genre for the contemporary feminist engagement as well as the negative side of pornification in popular culture. Furthermore, we will discuss about the woman as a subject in today’s pornographic production and about paraphilias and fetishes to which women are exposed daily, outside of pornography.

About the lecturer:

Asja Bakić (Tuzla, 1982) is one of the initiators and editor of MUF, a portal which deals with feminist reading of popular culture. She is the author of the poem book “Može i kaktus, samo neka bode” (It Can Be a Cactus, as Long as it Pricks, Aora, 2009) and a collection of short stories entitled “Mars” (Sandorf, 2015). She writes the blog “U carstvu melanholije” (In the Empire of Melancholia) and also deals with literary translation. She lives in Zagreb.