#SOC interview: Women Politicians on Gender Sensitive Language

Written by: Delila Hasanbegović

In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, priority issues important for gender equality in B&H are currently settled in the care economy and the burden that has doubled on the back of women, as well as in a proportionally higher participation of women in the so-called frontline activities (services, trade, healthcare) which carry additional risk for women, not only in the labour sphere, but also regarding risk of infection.

However, language and other issues (political participation, gender sensitive constitutions, gender-based discrimination) constantly create and perpetuate reality of gender inequality, that has brought to unequal burden-sharing of the measures to face COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, we talked to three women politicians, MPs (current and previous) about gender equality, experience from business, political party and private life, gender sensitivity of legal regulations, parliamentary procedures, legal documents and communication. Special attention was devoted to the use of gender sensitive language in the parliamentary benches. Conversation with Ismeta Dervoz, Jasna Duraković and Miomirka Mila Melank was led by Delila Hasnbegović.

Full interview in B/C/S language is available here.