SOC Collaborates with the Portal


Sarajevo Open Centre and the portal (in the name of Portal media doo) have been working since September on a project called “LGBT Stories from the Neighborhood.” SOC and agreed on the issues that the portal will deal with in order to support LGBT people through greater visibility and understanding.

The issues that the LGBT community faces in BiH are determined by certain historical, cultural, religious, educational, and other legacies. The largely negative public opinion about LGBT people is a reality that persons of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities must face every day. In a time in which the population is fighting with the national and other tensions, the conditions and rights of the LGBT community are swept further to the margins by institutions, politicians, and the media itself. Through this project, which will bring everyday LGBT stories to the public media sphere, the media will bring its own type of strength and support to the LGBT community in its fight for human rights.

The texts that have been added so far include:

9. Bisexual people – undecided or still “make” 

Bisexual or shortened “bi” people are most often the subject of ridicule other members of the LGT community in a two-way sexuality at which they are defined, puts them in a sufficiently courageous, indecisive, changeable, and as such is often characterized as curious, as opposed to those who have “real” propensity same sex.

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8. Same-sex marriages – kids love don’t differ

Research that is more work for decades and whose results are published in scientific journals show that children who grow up in same-sex unions and/or marriages are equally psychologically developed as those that grow in heterosexual marriages.

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7. Media about LGBT: Ignorance supports fears

It is common practice in the local media, regardless of where it comes to topics that directly or indirectly touch upon LGBT persons placed in the category of “showbiz” or curiosities, where they publish articles about the cuddly kittens and their homes, or on Hollywood stars.

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6. Sex change with the help of medicine – procedures and steps 

Serbia is with the opinion of many experts, and judging by the earlier writings and media, regional, and European and center when it comes to the clinic for adjusting half transexuals.

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5. Hanging out of LGBT people – that nobody sees us

In Bosnia and Herzegovina there isn’t officially gay clubs, and unofficially every major city has bars where LGBT people can behave more open and relaxed, so-called LGBT frendly place.

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4. They said about LGBT activism

Look through the eyes of three young people who living in the three cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Banja Luka, Mostar and Sarajevo, which discussed the topic of LGBT activism in BiH and worldwide. Whether and to what extent this type of activism present in BiH, in order to develop its role and watch activists, and whether there is a need for decentralization, are some of the questions and answers below.

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3. When the baby is neither male nor female?

Can it in B&H born intersex babies. Of course that can and what will be its fate after that, it is difficult to predict. The chances that in the first years of babies life to undergo a medical procedure that involves surgery and/or hormone therapy are big, because life without labels M or F in the registers of births in B&H are simply impossible.

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2. The personal stories of a Banja Luka Transsexual 

In his confession, our interlocutor, a transsexual from Banja Luka whose name is only known to the editor, shows a segment of their life that only a small number of friends would usually see.

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1. Homophobia – the fear sown in textbooks

Education is a territory in which homophobic opinions are reproduced. As education is the most important agent in socialization, the BiH patriarchy has found a powerful ally that ensures the maintenance of gender prejudices and stereotypes. The pilot research project of the opinions of high schoolers entitled “Homophobia in BiH” was performed last year by the Youth Center Kosmos.

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