Respect the Law! Report Violence! Campaign

cover-B.U.K.A-600x333B.U.K.A. (Banja Luka Association of Queer Activists), in cooperation with the Sarajevo Open Centre, has started a public advocacy campaign for LGBT rights.

This campaign consists of two public service announcements which will be aired six times daily from 8th of September until the 8th of October on radio Balkan (95,9FM).

The objectives of the campaign are to

  • Encourage the LGBTTIQA population of Banja Luka and Republika Srpska to report violence and discrimination to the nearest police station when it occurs.
  • Raise public awareness about the situation which LGBTTIQA persons face in Republika Srpska.

Statistical data in the campaign demonstrates the amount of violence that the LGBT community faces in their everyday lives.

The campaign is focused on 2 articles within the Criminal Code of RS:

  • Article 162 – ”Who on the basis of religious, national or ethnical identity, sex or sexual orientation violates the freedom or rights determined by the constitution of the RS, will be punished by imprisonment up to three years.’
  • Article 10. – ”All citizens of Republika Srpska are equal in their liberties and rights, and are equal before the law regardless of any of their personal characteristic.”

RS constitution guarantees equality to all its citizens regardless of any of their personal characteristics and tends to send a message of peace, tolerance and non-violence to its citizens.

The campaign can be heard on radio Balkan (95.9FM) or at the following link.

The campaign is supported by USAID in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Respect the Law! Report Violence!