Report on the Fulfillment of the December Demands 2014-2018

The December Demands 2014-2018 contain 78 demands and is in fact a list of concrete and priority duties for government office bearers on all levels for the 2014-2018 mandate. The December Demands are available on this LINK. As civil society organizations we pointed out these demands which should enhance the functioning of the state, the rule of law, as well as the human rights situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the end of the mandate period in 2018 it is possible to get a clear idea of how much has been done for the past four years in the above mentioned fields. Most of the commitments identified as priorities in the December Demands are still current and in fact largely coincide with the European Commission’s findings and reports that we read from year to year.

The Report is available in B/C/S language on this LINK.