Report hate crime!

You or somebody else has been or still is:

  • called offensive names, yelled at, told you are sick, perverted;
  • intimidated, sexually assaulted or harrassed in some other way;
  • terorrized, threatened, had your property destroyed, somebody wrote threathening graffiti in the vicinity of your home, school, work etc;
  • physically assaulted or a victim of atempted assault;

because of your or assumed sexual orientation and/or gender identity or because of your relation/acquitance with LGBT persons?


Don’t let the violence against LGBT persons continue!

If you are a witness of a hate crime, report it here.

If you are a victim of hate crime, report it here.

If you decide to report and enclose your identity, we ensure you that all information provided, especially personal information, will be kept extremelly confidential. You can also report anonymously.