Promoting Public Debate on Ideas of Improving State Functionality

Project on behalf of Coalition 143 – Coalition for Local self-Government
Period: july 2012.- july 2013.

Since May 2012, Sarajevo Open Centre is coordinating Coalition 143. Coalition 143, established by 15 associations from across BH, is a network of associations, groups and individuals who will jointly endeavor to create the preconditions for more effective and transparent government in BH through public advocacy for a more contemporary political approach in terms of strengthening the local level of government, redefining jurisdictions and removing parallelisms in the functioning of the public sector, and strengthening control mechanisms for elected representatives of government through a redefinition of representative government.

Coalition 143 emerged in response to the need for the complex BH institutional structure to be brought closer to its citizens and for more accountability towards its citizens, through advocacy for clearer, more transparent and effective governance in all its segments. We maintain that citizens hold a more positive view of the municipal level of government, in comparison to other levels, as votes assure more direct representation of their interests. For this very reason, this should be the most accessible, transparent and accountable level of government. It is, therefore, necessary to strengthen the role of local self-government and increase its authority.