Invitation to a protest march for International Human Rights Day – HUMAN RIGHTS OUTSIDE!

banerInternational Human Rights Day is celebrated on December 10th, on the day of the signing of the Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 when the right of all people to “life, freedom, and security…without any exceptions” was recognized.

On this occasion, a group of activists and citizens are organizing a protest march – Human Rights Outside!

Considering that it’s crucial for all marginalized groups to attend in order to deal with issues in a visible way, protesting for the human rights of all, it’s important that we show each other understanding and that we unite in the battle for human rights. On this day we are protesting for the rights of everyone who is discriminated against and marginalized: women, youth, Roma people, handicapped people, LGBT people, victims of war, refugees, returnees, and everyone else.

Of course, everyone is free to carry flags, posters, and messages as they wish in order to pinpoint the problems, discrimination, violence, and everyday violation of human rights. At the march there won’t be a focus on individual organizations.

The gathering is planned for December 10th (Tuesday) at 9:30 in front of the Academy of Fine Arts (Obala Maka Dizdara 2), and the march starts at 10. The route will be: Academy of Fine Arts – Federal Parliament – Ajfelov Bridge – The Headquarters of the Canton of Sarajevo – Marshal Tito Street – The Federation of BiH Parliament – Philosophy Faculty. In front of the building of the legislative bodies (Federal Parliament, Sarajevo Canton, Parliament of BiH Building) we will briefly stop and read our demands. The demands that receive special focus will be those that relate to security of life and promotion of the right to work, the right to education, and the right to a secure environment, as these are the prerequisites for life and human dignity.

We encourage all of you to come and bring your friends – this affects all of us!