Gender and Security – Safety and gender issues in the armed forces and the local community

NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo, in cooperation with the Sarajevo Open Centre and seven local non-governmental women’s organizations, from December 3rd to December 7th are going to organize a series of roundtables entitled “Gender and Security”. Roundtables will be held in the municipalities of Oštra Luka, Jajce, Prozor-Rama, Livno, Vlasenica, Zvornik and Milići, backed by the newly elected mayors of the municipalities. The project aims to promote greater participation of women in decision-making and to strengthen the capacity of local women’s organizations.

According to Deputy Commander of NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo, Brigadier Harold Hiortha: “NATO is extremely dedicated to the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325 and the UN on Women, Peace and Security. Just like Bosnia, NATO has an Action Plan to implement Resolution which obliges us to work with local communities and non-governmental organizations in order to raise awareness of the Resolution and the need of participation of women in decision-making. Our goal is to work together with the Ministry of Defense in projects of encouraging women from small communities to get more involved in the decision process, and to hear their views on what for them is security.”

Roundtables are open to the public and the participants will be addressed by Colonel Harald Hiorth, Brigadier Mersida Mešetović from the Ministry of Defense, Head of Gender Equality Vanja Matić from NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo, and representatives of nongovernmental organizations.

Roundtables will be held in the following locations:

Oštra Luka, in cooperation with Matica (12/03/2012, 02 pm, restaurant Luke, Oštra Luka bb

Jajce, in cooperation with Viktorija 99 (12/04/2012, 10 am, Hotel Turist 98, Kraljice Katarine bb

Prozor, in cooperation with Glas (12/04/2012, 1:30 pm, HC Rama, Kralja Tomislava bb

Livno, in cooperation with Li Women (12/05/2012, 10:30 am, Hotel Park, Kneza Mutimira 56

Vlasenica, in cooperation with the Podrinje (12/06/2012, 10:30 am, Hotel M, Ilije Birčanina bb

Milići, in cooperation with the Forum žena Milići (12/06/2012, 1 pm, School Centre Milutin Milanković

Zvornik, in cooperation with the Osvit (12/07/2012, 10 am, Zvornik Municipality