nevidljiva svakodnevnicaOn Monday, 16.12 starting at 17:30h there will be an opening for Irfan Redzovic and Vedad Divovic’s photography exhibit about LGBT people in BiH entitled THE (IN)VISIBLE EVERYDAY. (You can get more information by emailing [email protected]).

This year on December 10th – International Human Rights Day – Sarajevo Open Center in cooperation with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina is celebrating with this exhibition.

Irfan Redzovic and Vedad Divovic’s series of photographs of LGBT people in BiH THE (IN)VISIBLE EVERYDAY shines light on people who wanted to showcase moments of their everyday lives – from the places they work to the places they hang out to the places they live. The idea of the exhibit is to make gender, sex, sexual, and other identities’ diversity visible through 15 documentary photographs of people in their everyday surroundings.

By presenting these moments of people who defy social binaries every day, we hope to support the principle that human rights mustn’t be selective. Every person must be equal when it comes to the enjoyment of human rights and the responsibility that this enjoyment brings.

The exhibit, in its own way – through art, supports the regional conference Advancing the Human Rights of LGBT People in the Western Balkans that is organized by the Fund for an Open Society and Sarajevo Open Centre.

Come to share in aesthetic enjoyment of photography and the stance that human rights mustn’t be selective.