In modern society, the media are the most important method of communication, and can contribute to improving the situation of LGBT human rights. With targeted actions in the mainstream media, we believe we can contribute to providing credible information to the general public on the human rights of LGBT people. Through our work with the media we contributed to the visibility of LGBT issues and people in BiH media. We gave the LGBT community credible and relevant information on LGBT rights and everyday life through first and only LGBT info portal Through various media campaigns on web portals, TV, radio and print media we opened the space to hear the voice of the LGBT community in BiH.

Work with media:

  • info sessions
  • media monitoring
  • campaign
  • school for students of journalism and communications and young journalists

Pink report 2017: The Media

In the fallowing period we will publish articles from our Annual Report on the State of Human Rights of LGBTI People in Bosnia and Herzegovina  Legal Framework The codes of...

School for journalism and communication students and young journalist

From 15-17 March in 2017, a school for journalism and communication students and young journalist was held. The subject of the school was: Responsible Journalism: LGBTI people and...

LGBTI persons and media: Invitation to the School for students of journalism and young journalists

Responsible journalism: LGBTI persons and media Sarajevo Open Centre invites all students of journalism and young journalists who have graduated in last three years and who are...

Portal changed its web domain to

Dear friends and partners of the Sarajevo Open Centre, we want to inform you that the web portal, that we had launched in 2013, changed its web domain by adding the letter...

Federation of BiH finally adopts hate crime regulation

Six years after Republika Srpska and Brčko District, Federation of BiH also regulated hate crimes through its Criminal Code. The amendments to the Criminal Code of FBiH including...
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Info session: The bodies for gender equality and the rights of LGBTI persons,

Sarajevo Open Centre for three years now organizing info sessions for journalists in BiH. Journalists will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the guests from the country...