Engaging the community

Sarajevo Open Centre in addition to its advocacy efforts and activities in the field of LGBTI rights, continues to work directly with the LGBTI community in order for people to socialize and empower themselves, as well as learn about their legal rights.

We have been working even more intensively through various series of social gatherings in order to empower, share information and provide legal and other counselling.

  • Work with the LGBTI community – we continue to gather LGBTI community in a safe place through new series of workshops and social gatherings: „Upgrade and award yourself“, „Conquest of freedom“ i „QultURA“. Through these social gatherings we host activists and speakers from the region and Europe.
  • Web portal – LGBTI.ba is a BiH virtual space, intended for the broader public, as well as for the LGBTI community, which offers current multimedia content on the life of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people but also information on LGBTI culture, public policy and law.
  • Legal Aid and Counselling – LGBTI people are provided with place and people they can turn to in cases of discrimination and / or violence based on sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics. Through this service we provide support in the process of implementation of their rights through free legal advice.
  • Psychological counselling – Sarajevo Open Centre in collaboration with specialist partner organization, liaise between LGBTI people that come to us and sensitized psychologists, by  establishing contacts between LGBTI people who come for a talk, and who would like to deepen the discussion or seek psychological counselling.  For more information on this service, do not hesitate to write to savjetovanje@soc.ba.

LGBTI community events: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

On 3th of November in Sarajevo Open Centre we had an opportunity to learn something more about sexually transmitted diseases, its prevention  and opportunities for having a...

LGBTI community events: Transgender Transition

It often happens that certain letters in an acronym LGBTI stay silent, or  shadowed by louder and more visible identities. Due to  Transgender Awareness week we organised event...

LGBTI community events: The history of LGBTI activism

Throughout work with LGBTI community, we got an impression that one of the biggest problems of LGBTI community in Bosnia and Herzegovina is that they are insufficiently informed....
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LGBTI community events: The second rehearsal of the Marching band

After a short break during the hot summer months, we are back lound and queer! On the 12th of september we held the second rehearsal of the Marching band and it was fas from...

LGBTI community events: Results of the research on the needs of LGBTI community in Bosnia and Herzegovima presented for the first time

  Preliminary presentation of a research on the needs of LGBTI community in Bosnia and Herzegovina was organised on Friday, 22.09.2017. Since this research was organized to...

LGBTI community events: Summer is not over!

Do you remember parties held in the garden of the TV soap opera called L word stars, Beth and Tina? If you have never watched this soap opera, but you happened to be in the garden...