Somebody Said Feminism?

The idea that initiated a series of lectures Someone said feminism? in October 2013, was related to the opening of a new space in which to articulate a critical review of various topics, primarily from feminist epistemological position, since the public space lacks the lectures and discussions on social, cultural and political topics that reflect the feminist discourse.

The lectures are intended for all those who are interested in alternative forms of education and thinking.

SOMEBODY SAID FEMINISM – Pornography and feminism SOMEBODY SAID FEMINISM – Rural areas and feminism We are witnessing an increasing strengthening of social and moral-religious control over woman’s body Somebody said feminism: Sexual and reproductive health With alliance, sisterhood and solidarity we can resist patriarchy Somebody said feminism: Women and right-wing New feminist struggle is being led on the internet SOMEBODY SAID FEMINISM and PitchWise festival: Digital feminism The history of feminism is to be read as a guide to understanding the present SOMEBODY SAID FEMINISM: What are we saying when we say the F-word? We should not imply women in language Somebody said feminism: Language – an instrument of marginalization and discrimination